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Do you have questions revolving around our organisation or projects?

Below we listed a few general questions, but if you have others don't hesitate to write us, we're happy to answer them!

Why did you found WKOD ?

We really wanted to do something about the municipal waste problem and pollution in Paterson, that is how it all started. However, after having successfully completed the first clean-up mission we realized that there are so many more issues and areas for improvement within the community. And we also realized that without any financial support and donations it would be incredibly difficult to really make a difference. So we decided to found “What Kind of Difference”!

What does WKOD stand for?

We are helping wherever we can because we want to make a difference for the people, the animals and the environment in South Africa. Of course, that won’t happen overnight. So, we are trying to figure out solutions step by step and in cooperation with the local community to guarantee that they will work out in the long run.

What are the key activities you are involved in?

Currently we are focusing our efforts on two projects:
iphelile plastic: In order to get a grip on litter pollution in Paterson we are conducting regular trash collection events in the community and are working on establishing a sustainable recycling system. 
Township Dogs: To keep the number of stray dogs and cats from increasing uncontrollably in Paterson, we are planning to hold regular spay and neutering campaigns. Moreover, we want to set up a temporary animal clinic in which sick or injured pets of community residents can receive professional medical treatment.

Besides these two major projects we also want to support other non-profit projects in South Africa financially in the future.

Is WKOD active outside of South Africa?

No, because our designated aim is to make a difference in South Africa especially. And we are quite certain that we will not run out of things to do and issues to tackle here in the near future.

Why support WKOD?

When you support us with a donation you can be sure that we will make the best possible use of it in order to help directly here on site. Even a small amount goes a long way. For example: €20 are enough to set up 2 public bins or collect 70 bags of garbage.

How can I donate?

As soon as we have officially registered as NPO you can donate via PayPal.

What happens to my donation?

We use all of the donations for our projects - iphelile plastic and Township dogs. They will finance e.g. waste bins, food vouchers, medical equipment or vet fees. Depending on which steps we are taking and where the money helps the most.

Can I select a specific purpose for which I want my donation to be used?

We will use your donation where it is currently needed most urgently. Our projects iphelile plastic and Township Hunde are running simultaneously that is why we want to stay flexible in deciding where the money will help the most and will use it accordingly.

Besides donations – can I support you in any other way?

We truly appreciate when you follow us on Instagram and like and share our posts. Also, feel free to tell your family, friends and colleagues about “What Kind Of Difference”. The more support we get, the more we can achieve!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Absolutetly! We will send you a receipt within a few weeks via e-mail.

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