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Township Dogs

In order to keep the population of stray dogs and cats from spreading uncontrollably in Paterson regular spay & neutering campaigns are essential. Just as important is a place where residents can receive medical treatment for their pets. These are the steps we are planning to implement in order to achieve both:


Animal Clinic

As a provisional animal clinic we are planning to acquire and set up a shipping container in Paterson. This will become the medical center to go to for pet owners, with regular consultation hours.



Many cats and dogs in Paterson are malnourished. Therefore, we also mean to regularly offer pet food for free in our animal clinic.


Spaying + Neutering

We want to regularly offer residents the possibility to spay or neuter their pets for free. This can be realized in cooperation with local veterinarians.


Medical Equipment

Taking care of sick or injured animals is only possible with the adequate medical equipment. We will be able to cover a basic inventory with medications, bandages, etc. with the help of donations.

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