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"No More Plastic"

Translated from the local language isiXhosa, “iphelile plastic” means something like “No more plastic” - on the streets and in nature - that is our goal. The inadequate waste disposal system and a lack of environmental awareness in the community require sustainable solutions in order to get the waste problem under control long term.


In cooperation with the team from the Born Free Foundtion we already organized several clean-up events in Paterson. For every bag of waste collected community members received a food voucher. However, clean-ups alone are not a long-term solution to the waste problem. With these measures we want to tackle the issue in the long run:


Raising Awareness

Many people in Paterson do not know that the local scrap dealer will pay for plastic, cans and cardboard waste. We want to raise awareness among the residents, in order to enhance a sensibility for recycling. In addition, we are planning to hand out food vouchers for handing in waste glass for recycling.



We want to support the local scrap dealer financially in order to buy a new compactor for plastic, cans and paper waste. Subsequently thesematerials can then be recycled in Port Elizabeth. The resulting funds will flow back into the community – with each resident receiving a small amount for every kilogram garbage collected.


Waste Disposal

With the help of donations we want to buy used metal waste containers, which will be set up all over the community. Instead of dumping their garbage on illegal disposalsites, residents can dispose of their garbage in these “public bins” when their own bins are full. The local garbage collection will empty these containers regularly.


Clean Up's

​Illegal dump sites and random littering are also a problem in the areas surrounding Paterson. With further clean-up events we want to start getting this issue under control. Moreover, we want to start recycling campaigns in schools in order to promote the children’s environmental awareness and motivate them to keep their community clean.

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