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With Privilege Comes Responsibility

The privilege of a safe home, enough food on the table and a secure income is not to be taken for granted by everyone. That's why we want to use our privilege and knowledge as well as our means and possibilities to help where we can. And lend a hand where we can, to make a difference – even if we can't save the whole world. For now.


iphelile plastic

Inadequate waste disposal, non-existent recycling, lack of understanding among the population: in Paterson, the garbage problem is getting worse each year. Humans, animals and nature bear the consequences. Together with the BornFree Foundation team we are working to change something in all areas.



Countless malnourished dogs roam Paterson and reproduce uncontrollably. The only way to counteract this problem is through regular actions involving dogs being spayed. In addition, the community residents need a veterinary clinic where they can bring their animals.

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